Apocalypse (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

Apocalypse (2021)

Apocalypse (2021)

71 min | Action | Thriller | Historical | Sci-Fi | 11 Dec 2021

IMDb Ratings : NA (NA Votes)
Rotten Tomatoes : NA%

Storyline : In the day of Great Tianqi Explosion (1624AD) a giant meteorite fell from the sky and the earth was transformed. The villagers were parasitized by strange insects and became insect slaves, who were attracted by the sound and went crazy to attack people.

Director : Anthony Zhang
Cast(s) : Mark Du, Sookie Pan, Han Dong, Zhang Yi Long, Li Chang, Zhang Yi Qian

Language : (Hindi)
Quality : WEB-DL
Resolution : 480P, 720P, 1080P
Size : 350MB, 600MB, 1.28GB
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